#25 – Staying on a Losing Streak (Podcast)

Rebecca is on a losing streak and we learn a bit about her streak to see what we can do to replicate it!  Join us as we find ways to maintain motivation.

Jingle music provided by: Hook Sounds https://www.hooksounds.com

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2 thoughts on “#25 – Staying on a Losing Streak (Podcast)

  1. First I will start off by saying I LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast!!! – Is it available on itunes??
    It is so relatable, we are all in the same boat!!!
    For me its like I am afraid to not step on my scale at home – I need to know going in, if I am up or down. But then I am always saying well i lost this much on my scale an this much on weight watchers scale, so I am wondering if dropping the scale at home would help me. I started in February, I was doing so great for a while, then ups and downs then memorial day and since then I have been off track. I am going to weigh in tomorrow, which is a day i havent weighed in before.
    I also do the whole next week, I will REALLY start tomorrow thing!!

    Lastly I would like to add… (I am not sure who was asking about going to the meetings but)
    I am going to say if you go to one meeting, I think that will make you want to go to meeting (If that makes sense), for me it is like a restart and motivation to go to the grocery store!! I always say nothing changes if nothing changes 🙂 Thanks again for the podcast!!!!


    1. Thank you so much Stephanie! It’s so nice to know we’re all going through the same thing and that sometimes the weight doesn’t come off in a picturesque, perfect Excel spreadsheet kind of way! I love the saying “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” I feel like that def. resonates with me today!


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