Food Finds: Pea Milk? 2 points for 8 ounces

So I was recently sent a coupon for a free jug of pea milk.  I’m always looking for non-dairy milk and cheese options because two members of my family don’t always react well to dairy.  We use low calorie almond milk – it’s 1 point for 8 ounces.  It’s alright, but it’s pretty thin and sometimes it’s nice to try new flavors.

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 11.09.12 AMRipple Pea Milk is 2 points for 8 ounces and I actually think the flavor it pretty good. It’s also got more protein that almond milk. I can’t lie, it doesn’t taste like milk, but it’s creamier than almond milk which means it’s perfect for hot chocolate, cereal, and oatmeal or adding to beverages in place of half and half.  It’s not the go to beverage if you’re looking to just drink a cup of milk!  But as an ingredient for creaminess and texture, it will totally be my new go to.

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