#27 – Heidi’s Late Night Confession (Podcast)

Bad choices happened and Heidi shares it with you.  Join Heidi as we talks about the hard part of the journey… giving in to temptation and feeling like you want to give up!

Jingle music provided by: Hook Sounds https://www.hooksounds.com

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2 thoughts on “#27 – Heidi’s Late Night Confession (Podcast)

  1. Hi Heidi, omg I am stuck tooo!!! I DO the same thing, why do we do this to ourselves?? Eating cherries right now…I agree it is the same cycle, and I agree with everything thing you said!

    I know that i have to pre-track and meal plan in order for me to be successful, so why don’t i just do it? I am trying again today, i think thats the important thing not to give up..keep trying You made so many good points and you are so relatable, you are not alone and I love this podcast. Keep going! I will too 🙂


    1. It’s so encouraging to know I’m not alone! I think the key is to just keep trudging along… in the past I’ve given up but I know that’s not the answer so we have to just dust ourselves and try again every time!


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