#28 – Time to Return Back to Basics? (Podcast)

The weight loss journey can feel like drudgery when you’ve been going at it awhile.  Lisa and Heidi talk about going back to basics to accomplish our goals.  Returning to the basics can eliminate some frustrations as we rid our lives of the EXTRA stuff that isn’t necessary!

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One thought on “#28 – Time to Return Back to Basics? (Podcast)

  1. Wow, its like you are reading my mind. I AM SO frustrated. I started to feel the same way. It’s like why am I not in a good grove yet? I started off great, and now I have been doing bad since memorial day. Yesterday I started over (AGAIN), being serious and these are the things that help me get motivated:

    1. Just say no. Yesterday chocolate covered strawberries AND a full basket of Mrs. Fields goodies came to work. Everyone said come on just have ONE. I said No, no, no thank you, no about 100 times, because I KNOW I cannot only have ONE. No is SO hard to say, but i feel the more I say it the easier it is.

    2. I used to try to master too much too. Drink this amount water, make this goal of steps, have this many vegetables. So I agree, I think it is too much, its too overwhelming, so I am going to stop that. (Will let you know how that goes LOL)

    3. I think its super important to have that small goal. My goals have to be small, attainable and I have to give myself a long time for them. I cannot think past them or I fail. My goal is __pounds by 8/21. This is because that is the next time I have to pay ww. You literally CANNOT allow yourself to think past your small goal. Like don’t let it even get in your head, because (at least for me) yes it is way too overwhelming.

    4. The absolute 3 things that help me personally.
    1. Drink more water (I hate it, but i make myself do it…keep drinking, keep drinking keep drinking). I start right when I get up, and try to do as much as I can in the morning, because then the day is over and im like oh where is the water??? I do whatever I need to in order to drink more water. Put fresh mint, or oranges, or lemon daily, bought an awesome cup that I LOVE!! (Bubba Stainless Steel)
    2. Meal Plan- I HATE meal planning, HATE HATE HATE it. But I have decided i HAVE to do it. Its the only way. So Fridays I plan the following week m-f, and then I shop on Saturday (or another day) and I prep a little on sunday. *Making soup on sunday has always helped as well. I follow skinny tastes downloadable meal plans and alter them for myself.
    3. I HAVE to track. Thats it just have to do it. (Another thing I hate)
    Wow so I literally hate everything I have to do HAHAHA

    5. Going to meetings really is just a must for me as well. It is my reset button after a long week, it is my new motivation and helps me feel not so alone (you guys do that too 🙂 )

    6. One last thing, I think its important to know your HAVE TO HAVE item that helps you keep going. Mine is Halo Ice Cream every night (or dessert). There are so many desserts that you can fit into the points, but to me the most satisfying is the chocolate ice cream because you can have 1 whole cup for

    One person that I love to follow is vegans of weight watchers, she has a great cheat sheet of 0 points foods! You can find it here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yyMmGHyeNx-NUbeynhYJ_6h7mcj5qOdrH_QmWLigTgs/edit#gid=0

    Looking forward to reading more podcasts 🙂


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