About Us

This is us, about 30 years ago with our Grandfather. Lisa is the taller one in the back. Rebecca is the one in the middle. And Heidi is the little one in pigtails.

10014031_10204269418432306_691610956423983733_o (2)

Thirty years later, Heidi is a loving mother of two adorable boys. She works full-time from home. Rebecca is a working professional who is pursuing her Ph.D. at night. Heidi and Rebecca live in the DFW area. Lisa just completed her second advanced degree and is a working professional who lives in northern Virginia just outside of D.C.  We are each other’s best friends.

A few years ago, we decided to devote ourselves to a healthier and more natural diet. We started this blog to share our progress.  However, over the years our mindset evolved. We realized that true health requires more than a linear pursuit for physical fitness, it requires a comprehensive approach to a happy and peaceful life.  Real health involves expanding our minds, living with faith, healing our emotional scars, accomplishing goals, and nourishing and strengthening our bodies. It is about embracing good and finding joy.

So, we relaunched this site in Summer 2017 with a newfound commitment to a more robust goal. Going forward, we commit to eating well for our bodies, being physically active, enhancing our emotional health, educating our minds, and surrounding ourselves with faith and uplifting experiences.