Review: Weight Watchers Hot Chocolate

I gotta say, it's pretty yummy. It's one point. Not too sweet. On it's own, it's alright but with a tablespoon of cool whip, it is pretty tasty and a viable alternative to regular hot cocoa. I added some cool whip and pizzelles (6 for 5 pts) for a yummy snack. Hot cocoa can sometimes … Continue reading Review: Weight Watchers Hot Chocolate


  WW Best Of Giveaway! We started this journey as 3 sisters just trying to support each other through Weight Watchers and we're excited to now be sharing this journey with so many more!  We've been blown away by your encouraging posts and kind words here, on Facebook, private messages, and Connect.  We've decided to … Continue reading GIVEAWAY!

Velveeta: Surprisingly Weight Watchers Friendly

I know, you are shocked to read the headline just as I was shocked to rediscover Velveeta. Before we move on, I will not try to tell you that Velveeta is healthy. I make no such assertions. However, it is, brace yourself, only 1 SmartPoint per slice. ONE. Regular cheese is at least a couple … Continue reading Velveeta: Surprisingly Weight Watchers Friendly