Velveeta: Surprisingly Weight Watchers Friendly

I know, you are shocked to read the headline just as I was shocked to rediscover Velveeta. Before we move on, I will not try to tell you that Velveeta is healthy. I make no such assertions. However, it is, brace yourself, only 1 SmartPoint per slice. ONE. Regular cheese is at least a couple … Continue reading Velveeta: Surprisingly Weight Watchers Friendly

My Favorite Healthy Kitchen Gadgets

// I began loving the Vitamix when I was doing cleanses more often.  When I joined Weight Watchers, I thought my use of it would die down, but it hasn't!  Since it's been summer time here in Texas, I use the Vitamix to make snow out of ice.  Then I pour sugar free jello or … Continue reading My Favorite Healthy Kitchen Gadgets

Top 5 Smart Points Purchases at Trader Joe’s

I've come across a million articles that give a huge long list of Trader Joe's Weight Watcher's finds.  For someone just dipping her toe in the Trader Joe's world, it can get a bit overwhelming!  I've tried numerous Trader Joe's items throughout my time on Weight Watchers and today I bring you the BEST of … Continue reading Top 5 Smart Points Purchases at Trader Joe’s