Review: Weight Watchers Hot Chocolate

I gotta say, it's pretty yummy. It's one point. Not too sweet. On it's own, it's alright but with a tablespoon of cool whip, it is pretty tasty and a viable alternative to regular hot cocoa. I added some cool whip and pizzelles (6 for 5 pts) for a yummy snack. Hot cocoa can sometimes … Continue reading Review: Weight Watchers Hot Chocolate

The Easiest Way To Core An Apple

I'm always looking for the best way to prep lunches for my husband and kiddos.  Coring an apple with an apple corer is basically torture, so I discovered this super simple way to prep an apple.  This method is fast, efficient, and enables you to choose the width of your apple slices.  From thinner slices … Continue reading The Easiest Way To Core An Apple

Natural Fruit Fly Trap

Recently, fruit flies invaded Lisa's house! Having left for a long weekend with ripe fruit all around, we returned home to a house with fruit flies. After doing some research and consulting our exterminator, I decided to try a natural approach to trapping fruit flies. At the suggestion of our bug guy, I grabbed a … Continue reading Natural Fruit Fly Trap

Dr. Fuhrman Responds To Obamacare Ruling

Given all of the attention in the political spectrum to the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare, it is expected that newspapers and political pundits from across the land would be responding to this landmark decision.  However, what I did not expect is that Dr. Furhman would also have a response to this Court's ruling.  Dr. Furhman makes … Continue reading Dr. Fuhrman Responds To Obamacare Ruling

Juice Cleanse: Day Three

Today was day three of my cleanse and my first goal.  I'm feeling proud of myself for accomplishing 3 days, but disappointed because at dinner I allowed myself a smoothie.  My smoothies do not include yogurt or anything like that, just frozen fruits and veggies and water.  The past few days have been challenging, and … Continue reading Juice Cleanse: Day Three

Emergency Preparedness Tips

While I am not a boy scout, I believe in being prepared. Recent storms in Texas and our current political climate have caused me to be a little more purposeful in my preparedness. Tonight as I write this, there is a storm raging outside and I have been without power for hours; these preparedness principles have … Continue reading Emergency Preparedness Tips