Emergency Preparedness Tips

While I am not a boy scout, I believe in being prepared. Recent storms in Texas and our current political climate have caused me to be a little more purposeful in my preparedness. Tonight as I write this, there is a storm raging outside and I have been without power for hours; these preparedness principles have … Continue reading Emergency Preparedness Tips

Lessons Learned Through Gardening

This year, I have attempted to grow an organic garden. I planted strawberries, rosemary, watermelon, cucumber, green onions, and lettus. We also have some left over carrots from last year growing as well. Most of my plants started from Seeds of Change seeds that I planted and let sprout. While it is still early in the … Continue reading Lessons Learned Through Gardening

Don’t Focus On Meal Perfection

So this week, I found myself feeling frustrated about what to eat. Over the last few weeks, I have tried to incorporate more fruit and vegetables, replace refined breads for whole grains, and reduce my intake of milk-based products. But somewhere along the way, I think my creativity wore out and I found myself asking, "what do … Continue reading Don’t Focus On Meal Perfection